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Stop Judging Others

Stop Judging Others

Stop Judging Others – Ok, you know how easily we all judge ourselves or others. At best, it is when you fault yourself or not being giving enough, caring enough, rich enough, or good enough. At worst, it’s racism, judging sexual orientation, or class. The reason that it’s so pervasive is simple, in that it’s human nature to make assessments based on our differences in order to view things as we see fit. Those differences allow us to make sense of the world and ourselves in other words. It is somewhat natural to a degree, but comes with caveats if you don’t keep it in check.

And here’s what happens when you allow judgement to serve your own purposes: it backfires on you, even without you knowing it. Being  judgmental, either of ourselves or others, is a negative force in that world view. Often, people will make the mistake of judging faults in those around us in order to pump ourselves up. We judge in order to feel better about ourselves. There’s nothing new and groundbreaking there but the problem is, is doesn’t work. Your mind knows this trick and deep down, you know what you are doing. Thus, you are perpetuating the negative feelings about yourself by judging at all. The force is with you, but not the good kind Luke.

You may feel empowered by easy flowing opinions that separate us into different boxes, but the truth is, we are all the same in our hearts with the same aptitude towards goodness, badness, selfishness, cruelty, and benevolence…. and the sooner you voice it outwardly and inwardly, the better you’ll truly feel about yourself. Food for thought, and to live by.

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