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How to Lead a Simpler Life

How to Lead a Simpler Life

This question of how to lead a simpler life is really the key to so many doors if you let it be. You see, life is perspective. That’s all it is in a way. The starving family in some far away land that is all smiles, happy with each other, each and every day….it’s perspective. They have it. They have each other, and it is enough. They haven’t known comparison to the Joneses down the block, or all the tech gadgets to choose from at the local electronics megatron mini shopping center. They don’t need it, and neither do we. We been conditioned to think that we do. Thanks Walmart.

The more stuff we have, the more choices we have, and hence, the more decisions we have to make. It can often make things worse, and our heads spin. It’s a carousel of grabbing at the brass ring, always inches away. What’s the next thing and are we good enough yet?

The solution? All you have to do it get off the ride. But you have to want to, the conductor won’t make a stop special for you, in fact, he wants to keep you on and spinning and always reaching for something better. It sells.

The sick cycle keeps us consuming and comparing and trying to constantly improve what doesn’t need improving at all. It sets us up for never ending goal chasing. It is so much a part of societies and media hype that most of us aren’t even aware it’s happening. It’s so consistent that it’s a blur, blending in with our day to day. It often makes us think we’re inferior or needing something else to be happy, without us even know that it’s happening. It’s become pervasive and viral in our own neighborhoods….are we smiling a genuine smile just like that far away family? Hmmm, not sure about that one.

So the idea here to to try and give up a little and see how it feels. You don’t have to ween yourself off of everything but why not try a week without fast food, an hour less of tv, gadget downsizing, outdoor activity supersizing, taking a walk, muting commercials, being vegetarian just for one week to see how it feels, or just trying to breathe more slowly, taking in the world and focusing a bit more on the important stuff. Heck, don’t do anything new but at least be cognizant than what the conductor says is “important” isn’t necessarily so. He’s wrong that conductor, just trying to make you buy yet another ticket for another spin. Get off while you can and enjoy the real you.

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