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How to Change the Way You Think

How to Change the Way You Think

How to Change the Way You Think. One of life’s biggest challenges is learning how to challenge ourselves and not get caught in a trap of begin stubborn about how we perceive things. Change is not easy. It is easy, however, to stay within the confines of our mind and not ever break out. In fact, most people live their lives this way. However, the truth is, we owe it to ourselves to try and explain (to ourselves) why we feel what we feel and why we believe so strongly about certain topics and subjects. We need to make sure that our reasons for doing so are sound, and that we really and truly agree with them for good reason, and not just because someone taught us to. Remember, the world is full of opinion, argument, conviction, and belief systems and just because the Jones’ do it, doesn’t necessarily make it right.

Let’s take our parents for example. We love them (well, maybe you do) and appreciate what they’ve done for us. Most of the time, they have given all they could for us and dedicated most, if not, all, of their lives to us, their kids. This is usually enough for us to adopt some of their points of view, out of just not wanting to disappoint them if nothing else. So you become a Republican or Democrat too. A hunter. A vegetarian. A mystic. A science fiction buff. Think about the similarities between you and your parents. Was it so strong it defined who your friends were as well? Your occupation? You choice of spouse? Interestingly, many of my friends parents have the same occupation as my friends, the same political affiliation, thoughts on religion, and so on without ever giving thought to what they REALLY believe themselves, as individuals.

Now test yourself. Think of someone that believes in something that you disagree with. Now try and figure out where their belief came from. Was it their parents, friends, job, the country they were born in? Now pick any belief that you feel strongly about and try to find the reasons you believe in it. Be honest. Did you come by this belief out of work, experience, and perseverence….or was it inadvertently handed to you. You’r honestly here will determine the worth of this article.

Do you have the courage to admit and feel differently? I hope you do. It’s hard though. It can feel like you’re betraying your parents, friends, etc..but it creates a real you and not one that someone else made. Oh, and the world, it’s better off for it.

Be you. Be strong. Know how YOU feel about things and speak of it. Don’t be shy. Research, google, search, work at it, wander…and find some answers. Life becomes fulfilling this way when you find these wonderful surprises and convictions on your own. Challenge yourself.

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