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We've moved to a new site !! You can now find over 25 of the best free tarot readings (classic and original spreads), rune throws and reading, and the ancient iching reading at You can use our 4 example readings below of course but make sure to visit our new site. Please bookmark and tll your friends so we can keep doing this for free.

The best free tarot readings online using the most widely agreed upon interpretations and cards. DIY Discovery has transformed widely accepted interpretations (using the renown Rider Waite Tarot Deck) into a slick, state of the art, virtual tarot reading. We spare the user the glitz and glam of other online tarot readings and deliver straight up tarot contemplations in an aesthetically pleasing experience. We really worked hard to bring you the very best tarot spreads online and we do it all for free so please tell your friends and colleagues so that we may continue this as a free service. Click here to add a banner or widget to your site. We certainly plan to. Make sure and try one of our free rune readings or iching reading while you’re at it. It’s pure fun with, hopefully, some insight and self reflection mixed with it. With over 21 spreads, both original and classic in type, we think you’ll find what you’re looking for here and enjoy every minute of it. Thanks very much for spending time with us today.

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