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Find and Accept Yourself

Find and Accept Yourself

Let’s talk about freeing yourself up a bit learning to accept yourself. Have you ever wanted to let go from everything your parents inadvertently tied you down with? Or free yourself from the cafeteria trauma of 4th grade, bully thrown spaghetti that morphed into later life anger management issues. Yea, me too. Let’s get down to business on how to free yourself from these back monkeys.

We are going to make this as plain and simple as possible. Write down 3 to 10 things that you don’t like about yourself that you think you may have learned from your parents or maybe harbor from some unpleasant early life experiences. I am not asking you to cast dispersions in your mind about their parenting skills or anything, stay away from the tricky stuff like this, just stay with me and on task. Admit that we all are human and there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Maybe they did their best, maybe they didn’t but that’s not what we’re talking about…and that bad things happen to everyone. Now focus!

Are you judgmental, elitist, racist, condescending, pleasing, temperamental, passive, aggressive, too nice, too mean, needy, uncommunicative? Write it down..real quick like. Don’t think to hard, you know your shortcomings. Just admit them, 3 to 10. Now, in 3 minutes or less.

Step Two: Let go.

Now forgive yourself for these unpleasantries in your being. They are not your fault. They never were. You either learned them along the way or they were hardwired into you al long time ago. Sure, you are responsible for your actions and being a better person, but for now all you should do is admit to these things and quickly forgive yourself for them. We all have them, it is natural so don’t beat yourself up.

Understand that there are millions of others with the same shortcomings, that came to them through genetic predispositions or environmental mishaps or disasters and that while we all have similar issues, we all came into them via different channels. Your unique experience is your own, as is your personality. So admit to your flaws with good feelings, take a good hard look in the mirror and accept things as they are and neatly and cleanly decide what you want to change and what you’re ok with staying the same…but that’s another post.

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