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In a world dictated by advertising ingestion and century old social constructs of how things should be done, it can be difficult to think clearly for ourselves when we seemingly have so many others thinking for us. Let’s face it, that two thousand year old document, your boss, the pharmaceutical commercial that’s played every other minute, and even your best friend…well, they aren’t always right. What’s wrong with being yourself and formulating your own decisions and opinions is what we ask. We encourage you to break with the old and ring in the new, to garner perspective of how you truly view the world and more clearly, through your own set of goggles and not someone else’s. We celebrate and encourage diversity here and hope that perhaps it can spread a bit. Our exercises, be it our free tarot, rune readings, iching, personality test, or self discovery articles, are meant to be simple, fun, entertaining avenues towards finding some of yourself on your own terms and going forth into the world with it, without reservation, or worse, guilt. *All are for entertainment purposes only.

You see, many of us here began to realize the power that just a few words could make. We’d read blog such as Zen Habits, The Art of Non Conformity, The Happiness Project and feel lighter, better about ourselves, and more excited to greet the oncoming traffic of life. It inspired us to do the same, or at least try. So here we are. We will program some things/brain games to keep things exciting, write some articles, and try to keep it real…or real as we see it. If you disagree with some things, which will invariably happen, well, that’s ok. We’re all different and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s time the world was ok with that.

In short, we can’t tell you who to be, but we can try and help you get there. The world has become fraught with people and companies telling us what to do and how to do it. Political rants run 24/7 while business constantly sells. They put us in a box where we open our wallets, play nice, dumb down, and don our lemming suits. Well, enough we say. If diversity is good enough for evolution, it’s good enough for us here at DIYDiscovery.  So, get down, get funky…whether on the outside or in. Let’s do this. It feels great, after all, it’s you.

DIY (Do it Yourself) Discovery is hereby set forth as a means for folks to get their hands dirty with self discovery through some fun “thought” exercises, tales of creative individuality and inspiration, and the notion that conformity can often be stifling so why not be your own person and be as unique as you like. Come as you are and be proud of it in other words. Be not confined by your upbringing, what others expect , or that pervasive worry of what others think.  Come here and find some comfort and levity in the celebration of diversity. You don’t have to tattoo or pierce your entire being, but maybe you do need to switch some mental gears or slightly adjust your mindset in order to be whom you’ve always wanted to be.  No witchy poo, new agy stuff here…but rather, some fun and means to garner a bit of introspection and insight as to what you really want out of life. So start fresh and be calmed yet exuberant that we all shouldn’t be the same. In fact, we should celebrate our differences and let our freak flags fly.

Be it a bit of magic, science, nature, or “perspective posts” that inspire and celebrate being different and loving it, DIYdiscovery is here to serve as a hub for those who crave to be their own person and feel free from the encumbrances of  everyday lemming life. So, hang around a bit and add a bit of color. Come one, come all.

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